Big tech firms may need to share data with banks

To create a level playing field, big tech firms may have to share their data on financial services customers with traditional banks, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) said in a report. 

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US banks pulling ahead of European counterparts as regulation bites

Outdated business models, inefficient organisational structures and tougher regulation are seeing European banks falling further and further behind their US rivals

Supervisory focus for banks shifting from new rules to resilience and adaptability

Even as the pace of new regulation slows, banks will increasingly have to demonstrate their financial and operational resilience and that they are responding ably to social and political pressure, according to two reports by Deloitte. 

Falling default rates on corporate debt mask potential time-bomb

Bank default ratios for corporate debt have dropped from 1.12% to 0.73% since 2016, according to Global Credit Data, which is concerned that this part of the debt market could be storing up problems for the future. 

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Preparing for a testing 2020

The growing involvement of third parties along with cyber risk not to mention the reputational repercussions if something goes wrong, are all good reasons for financial firms to prepare for worst 

FSB sounds further warnings on Libor’s threat to financial stability

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) once again warned about the financial stability implications due to the ongoing reliance of the global economy on the London interbank offered rate (Libor) and pressed for greater effort to move to alternative benchmarks by the end of 2021.

FSB finds concentrated holdings of leveraged loans and CLOs

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) said in a report that most leveraged loans are originated and held by banks, and they have the largest exposure to the sector and note the increasing role of non-bank financial institutions.

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Derivatives industry needs tech revolution as it struggles with ageing infrastructure

ISDA is trying to renew the infrastructure supporting the derivatives market in an effort to support more standardisation and digitisation so as to increase efficiency 

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Battle between CCPs and their members steps up a notch

Clearing house members are becoming increasingly determined to force clearing houses to shoulder more risk as part of the services they provide and are taking their message to regulators


Supervisors question stability of stablecoins

Stablecoins are the latest cyber-asset trend to worry supervisors who are concerned that they may pose a systemic threat and could even undermine central bank monetary policy