Katie McDougall

Authorities get serious over using cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions

The president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, has warned that cryptocurrencies are being used by Russian actors to bypass sanctions. The G7 leaders, in a statement issued by the White House, have stressed that measures are in place to pursue those who attempt to use crypto assets to evade such sanctions. By Katie McDougall, Harriet Jones-Fenleigh, Adam Sanitt; and Emma Houldsworth at Norton Rose Fulbright 

Laurent Clerc

FSB fears climate-related contagion effects on financial system

The background to the Financial Stability Board’s latest climate change initiative is full of potentially profound implications for the global financial system.

Basel Committee to reveal more detail on climate change, crypto-assets and G-SIBs work

Soon to be published principles on climate-related financial risks, a pending second consultation on the prudential treatment of crypto-assets and an assessment methodology for EU global banks is among the latest work announced by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. 

Amount of initial margin on derivatives trades soared in 2021 - ISDA

The amount of initial margin (IM) collected by the largest market participants for their non-cleared derivatives trades soared by 38% last year according to a survey conducted by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA).  

Trade bodies urge governments to liberalise cross-border services and data flows

Trade bodies from around the world have banded together to lobby governments to liberalise cross-border digital trade, data movements and to establish fair rules for e-commerce. 

Peter Beardshaw

How regulation can help clear the fog of ESG ratings

Businesses’ ESG risks, impacts and performance play an increasingly central role in banks’ and investors’ decision-making.

John Glen

Financial services firms call for strong UK competitiveness mandate

In response to new legislation, representatives of UK financial services companies are calling on the government to beef up its competitiveness objective as the country prepares to rip up swathes of EU rules.

ESG globe

Consultations are a chance to drive common ESG standards

A series of consultations by the EU, US and the new International Sustainability Standards Board are an opportunity to drive greater harmonisation in ESG standards, according to financial firms and regulators.

Do Kwon

Stablecoin contagion fears likely to spur regulatory clean-up

Signs of contagion among stablecoins are likely to prompt a rapid clean-up of the industry by regulators concerned that problems in the sector could infect traditional financial markets.  

Charley Cooper

What’s next for crypto regulation?

The size and scope of the crypto industry is growing rapidly, which has caught the eye of regulators. Today, the global market cap of the crypto industry is $2.1tn, while a recent NBC poll found that one in five adults in the US has invested in, traded or used cryptocurrencies.