Spike in Italian bond yields poses challenges for bank refinancing - BoI governor

Spikes in Italian debt yields and spreads leaves the country’s banks vulnerable to refinancing challenges, the governor of the Bank of Italy said at a conference

FCA asks firms to have contingency plans in areas outside its control

The FCA asks for financial firms to have contingency plans in place in areas it does not cover in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal on March 29

ESMA makes clarifications around reporting requirements in case of hard Brexit

ESMA makes clarifications around reporting requirements for derivatives transactions under Emir in the event the UK leaves the EU on March 29 without a deal

UK signs continuity agreement with Switzerland covering insurance services

The UK has signed an agreement with Switzerland to preserve the continuity of insurance business between the two countries after the former leaves the EU

Esma consults on liquidity stress tests for investment funds

Esma consults over its guidance for stress testing investment funds around their liquidity as Fitch Ratings issues a research note warning of their systemic risks

Eurozone banks face cash run assessment in 2019 stress tests

Eurozone banks face test over how long they can last without access to funding markets and cash runs

EU-Swiss accord remains deadlocked

The EU and Switzerland are struggling to agree a new bilateral agreement covering areas ranging from financial services through to the free movement of people with some commentators believing the draft agreement to be dead

UK regulators demand emergency powers in case of ‘no-deal’ Brexit

Demands by regulators for unprecedented emergency powers to deal with a ‘no-deal’ Brexit raised concerns with UK law makers that it could create a democratic deficit

European securitisations soar but loose ends on STS could stop progress

A leap in European securitisation activity late last year could come to a halt this year as some technical standards on the EU’s STS framework still need clarification

David Balson

Ripjar marshals AI for the fight against money laundering

Failing to stay on top of money laundering activity is going to become increasingly expensive for banks in Europe, from the point of view of regulatory sanctions, and this is forcing them to look closely at AI and machine learning solutions to stay ahead of the curve.