Prudential Financial removed from too big to fail list

Prudential Financial becomes last US insurer to shake off the ‘too big to fail’ designation, with critics seeing it as a significant roll back of the Dodd-Frank Act

Former Fed chief Yellen warns over huge deterioration in some lending standards

Former Fed chair Janet Yellen voices concern over huge deterioration in lending standards to corporates and over the deregulation agenda being pursued by US president Donald Trump

SEC to focus on investors, innovation and performance

The SEC said its latest four-year plan will focus on investors, innovation and on improving its own performance with the use of data and technology

CFTC threatens EU institutions US market access over CCP oversight

CFTC chair threatens EU with blocking access to US clearing facilities if EU doesn’t relent on some of its proposals for overseeing overseas clearing houses

Mike Crapo

US deregulatory moves could be challenged after mid-term elections

US mid-term elections could throw a spanner in the works of president Donald Trump’s deregulation agenda if the Democrats were to gain enough seats

J Christopher Giancarlo

Can the CFTC crack cross-border swaps?

CFTC chairman J Christopher Giancarlo has been on a charm offensive in a bid to win over other regulators towards creating a more level playing field for cross-border swaps regulation. By Farah Khalique

US agencies consult on use of SA-CCR approach for measuring derivatives exposures

US agencies consult over the use of SA-CCR for calculating derivatives exposures

Positions harden over exchange data fees

War of words heats up over exchange data fees as SEC choses not to rule on whether they are excessive or not

Still work to be done in driving transparency in OTC derivatives – CFTC's Quintenz

Driving transparency in OTC derivatives markets was one of the biggest achievements of the post-global financial crisis reforms says a CFTC commissioner, but he warned that there is more work to be done in this area.

Richard Clarida sworn in as vice-chairman of the Fed

Economist and fund manager Richard Clarida becomes vice-chairman at the US Federal Reserve