SEC proposes shaking up equity data

A shake-up in the way equity market data is collected and distributed along with faster delivery to investors is being proposed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Loosening of Volcker rules is deregulation and a credit negative for banks - Fitch Ratings

The recent proposed loosening of some restrictions in the Volcker rule on banks investing in certain covered funds is proof of deregulation and is a credit negative, said Fitch Ratings in a note. 

Department of Treasury

Attempts to remove US regulatory hurdles for fintechs may fall short

The clunkiness of the US’s regulatory system is making it hard for new entrepreneurial fintechs to get off the ground, and though there are attempts to address this, there is probably only so much that can be done

Subadra Rajappa

Despite progress SOFR deadlines remain a stretch

Though there have been some problems, the US is moving swiftly to transition away from Libor towards SOFR, but there are ongoing concerns over legacy contracts and cash products

CFTC clarifies its right to terminate foreign access to US customers

Amendments have been adopted by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) giving greater clarity to the agency’s processes to terminate the right of foreign firms to deal with US customers.

Fed approves stress capital buffer with some changes

The stress capital buffer (SCB), a simpler capital framework for banks, has been approved by the US Federal Reserve Board and is broadly similar to proposals made in April 2018 with some changes made to reflect feedback. 

SEC proposes making it easier for small firms raising finance online

It might soon become easier for start-ups to raise capital online if a proposal by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) goes ahead. 

SEC rejects CBOE’s speed bump proposal

A proposal by exchange group CBOE for a 4-millisecond trading speed bump has been rejected by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the basis that it would discriminate against some market participants. 

Listed firms given more time to file disclosures due to coronavirus

Publicly listed companies are to be given an extra 45 days to file certain disclosure reports that would have normally been due between March 1 and April 30 because of the coronavirus, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said in a statement. 

SEC consults over ESG funds

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is consulting on what defines environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing to ensure investors are not being misled by false advertising claims.