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FSB urges authorities to firm up CCP 'living wills'

The Financial Stability Board is close to finalising a new consultation on financial resources for recovery and resolution at clearing houses, after warning authorities to speed up resolution plans for these growing behemoths. By Farah Khalique

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US ESG backlash: a tide-turning moment?

Anti-ESG sentiment dramatically came to the surface in the US last year with a series of high-profile Republican-led manoeuvres. But how disruptive to the growing ESG tide will this pushback really be? 

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Rush to phase out fossil fuels could trigger financial instability

Policy-makers are making a concerted effort to steer the financial sector away from supporting fossil fuel producers, creating opportunities for new lenders but some worry about the impact on the global economy. 

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DSB to detail UPI work timelines in March

The Derivatives Service Bureau's unique product identifier aims to help regulators track potential systemic risks within the OTC derivatives market. 

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Crypto must get to grips with its high-risk culture

Following a year of price drops, job losses and bankruptcies, many in the crypto industry were hoping for a calm end to 2022. But then came the spectacular FTX fallout and a flurry of criminal fraud charges against its former chief executive, Sam Bankman-Fried, making corporate culture a hot topic once again.

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Banks probe deeper into their supply chains to keep regulators onside

Discussions around operational risk are rippling further down bank supply chains due to regulators taking more interest in resilience as digitisation gains momentum. However, there are concerns that not enough attention is being paid to future proofing risk management.   

US lenders increasingly concerned about regulatory compliance

The pace, scope and volume of regulation and complying with it were revealed to be among the top concerns for US lenders, according to the latest regulatory and risk management survey by information services firm, Wolters Kluwer.

Wary supervisors warn banks over crypto risks

Frauds, scams, legal uncertainties, inaccurate disclosures, contagion risk and extreme volatility are all reasons for banks to be very careful about dabbling in crypto-asset markets, the three federal banking agencies warned in a joint statement.

FSB wants to strengthen liquidity management tools for open-ended funds

There has been no measurable reduction in the degree of structural liquidity mismatches in open-ended funds (OEFs) in the past five years, despite a meaningful implementation of new liquidity measures, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) said.

FSB says RFRs must be anchored in robust markets

With the London interbank offer rate (Libor) being steadily abandoned by the financial system, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) said it is important that the replacement overnight risk-free rates (RFRs) be underpinned by robust and liquid markets.