Email News Service September 2013: FSB’s Carney warns on regulatory fragmentation

LONDON, September 2 (Global Risk Regulator) - The world's banking system risks fragmentation that could hurt growth if countries cannot settle their differences over how to handle big banks that run into trouble, according to a top policymaker today.

Email News Service July/August 2013: Regulators propose non-bank resolution regime

BASEL, Switzerland, August 12 (Global Risk Regulator) – The nine insurers recently named as big enough to pose a potential threat to global financial stability should be subject to a resolution regime, or winding up plan, similar to that for banks, global regulators proposed today.

Newsletter July/August 2013: EU-US derivative regulators pull back from the brink

Transatlantic derivatives deal hailed as significant milestone. Concerns remain, with further negotiations ahead to thrash out details By David Keefe

Newsletter July/August 2013: Stage set for new battles over EU bust-bank regime

Ministers finally hammered out deal on resolution and recovery directives. Now they must reconcile differences with lawmakers By Melvyn Westlake

Newsletter July/August 2013: Plan for failing eurozone banks hits stiff resistance

EU proposal for a Single Resolution Mechanism, key pillar of bank union, is unlikely to get legislative approval in present form

Newsletter July/August 2013: US regulators hang tough over final Basel III rules

America’s new capital framework makes few concessions. It is more demanding than anything yet contemplated in Europe By Melvyn Westlake

Newsletter July/August 2013: US insurance regulators clash over global info

WASHINGTON - The US government is hampered in its efforts to assess global insurance issues by restrictions placed on US access to information by international organisations, according to top US regulator Roy Woodall.

Newsletter July/August 2013: Caruana stays as BIS general manager

BASEL – The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) said in June it has extended the term of office of BIS general manager Jaime Caruana to end-March 2017.

Newsletter July/August 2013: Dodd-Frank “substantially complete” by end-year

WASHINGTON – By the end of this year, US regulators expect implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act, which launched the largest regulatory overhaul of the financial system for decades, to be substantially complete, according to Mary Miller, the treasury undersecretary for domestic finance.

Newsletter July/August 2013: Risk-based approach urged against terrorism financing

BASEL – Banking supervisors should adopt a risk-based approach to supervising banks’ management of risks arising from money laundering and the financing of terrorism, global regulators said in June.